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Enhance your shoulder mobility, stability, and overhead position.

8 videos, 2+ hours, 4 intentions: drills, warm-up, recovery, and restorative. E-Book and guided calendar included.

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Over 2 hours of guided videos

Eight videos and over two hours of content in this all-in-one guide designed to build strong and healthy shoulders.

Work with specific intentions

Create stronger shoulder mobility, stability, and overhead positions through four specific intentions: Drills, Warm-up, Active Recovery, and Restorative.

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A practice built on the studies and principles of Kinesiology in the areas of exercise physiology, sports psychology, breath-work, and yoga.

This guide helps to:

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"Can't thank Crystal enough. My shoulders feel great, I'm lifting heavier, but most importantly: I'm more comfortable doing so."

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This collection includes:

Improve your overhead position and unlock the upper back and shoulders using stability drills and breathwork.
(2 videos, to be done 3x per week)

Quick - but effective! - warm-ups for the shoulders, wrist, and forearm mobilization and scapular stability with active joint mobilization.
(2 videos, to be done before your workout to compliment your regular warm-up routine)

Active Recovery
These sequences are all about building control and strength throughout the shoulders and active range of motion.
(2 videos, to be done at the start of your day or after your workout)

These videos are all about releasing and relaxing, while still moving with purpose. We’ll unwind with gentle neck, upper trap, t-spine, adductor exercises all while being mindful of our breath.
(2 videos, to be done on rest days or before bed)