At Home: Hips & Lower Back

At Home: Hips & Lower Back

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Improve hip mobility & reduce low back tension.

5 nourishing videos to do at home. E-Book and guided calendar with intention setting included.

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Over 2 hours of hips and lower back

5 sequences of purposeful movement and mindfulness brought together to release and relax hip and lower back tension - all of which can be done easily at home.

Body and mind

Develops a practice that cares for your body and your nervous system. Recover your body, relax your mind and manage stress while taking care of your lower back and improving your hip mobility.

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A practice built on the studies and principles of Kinesiology in the areas of exercise physiology, sports psychology, breath-work, and yoga.

This guide helps to:

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“I love this program! super easy to follow and very relaxing. The instructor has such a calm voice. Also, I love how simple they are. It reminds me that I don’t have to do some complex stretching routine just to get some mobility in my day!”

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This collection includes:

Juno (37:59)
This sequence is a deep dive into the hips using a yin MVMNT practice with active mobility.

Apollo (27:16)
We’ll release the hips and lower back in this video using breathwork to practice mindfulness which will bring our CNS into a parasympathetic state.

Recurve (25:00)
This video is a great mix of active mobility work with passive stretching.

Ares (14:05)
In this video, we do an active recovery flow for the hips and lower back, building strength through our range of motion.

Diamonds (16:45)
A wonderful way to unlock your tight hips and improve low back health.