Deep Squat

Deep Squat

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Enhance your hip & ankle mobility, core stability, and improve squat mechanics!

6 Videos with 3 intentions: Drills, Warm-Up, and Active Recovery. E-Book and guided calendar included.

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Over 1.5 hours of guided videos

Six videos and over 90 minutes of content in this all-in-one guide that brings purposeful movement and mindfulness together to improve your squat mobility.

Work with specific intentions

Improve your squat depth and squat mechanics through three specific intentions: Drills, Warmup, Active Recovery.

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A practice built on the studies and principles of Kinesiology in the areas of exercise physiology, sports psychology, breath-work, and yoga.

This guide helps to:

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“Each video is easy to follow. I’ve been adding MVMNT into my schedule each day and I’m feeling less restricted. I’ve even noticed a difference in my strength training. It’s a great program. I definitely recommend it!”

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This collection includes:

Sequences you can do anytime to unlock tight hips, improve your pelvic stability and hip activation.
(2 videos, to be done 3x per week)

In these sequences, we prime the body for good squatting mechanics, improve your hip and ankle mobility and work on motor control.
(2 videos, to be done before your workout to compliment your regular warm-up routine)

Active Recovery
These sequences are all about showing the adductors some much-needed love. Targeted active recovery here is a great way to improve your squat depth.
(2 videos, to be done at the start of your day or after your workout)