Momma Bear Pregnancy Series

Momma Bear Pregnancy Series

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Featuring 5x CrossFit Games Regional Athlete and CrossFit Vernon Owner, Deanna Meredith

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How this series will help you:

In this Signature Series, you’ll get access to custom prenatal education and movement practice designed and used by Deanna herself. Included are resources for how to move through each trimester, movement modifications, mobility and yoga sequences, and tips for your fitness journey during pregnancy.

Over a dozen videos

Intro and Step-by-Step Video

Recovery and Stability

Prenatal Yoga Sequences

Exclusive Interview with Deanna

Guided Meditation

Trimester-by-Trimester Exercise

Movement Modifications

Bonus: 20 Movement Modification Demos

E-Book Download

Intro and Step-by-Step Guide

Trimester-by-Trimester Exercise Movement Modifications (including conceptual approach, and physical reasons to modify)

Stability Work

Yoga Sequence

Prenatal Workouts

Workbook Download

Risk vs Reward (Mindfulness worksheet)

Modification Personal Contract

Setting your Intentions

Body Awareness

From our customers


"Things I learned from the Momma Bear Series are simple cues that set me up for such success long term and in the pelvic floor yoga session was the importance of how to get up and down from a lying position."


"Loving the Yoga Flow with pelvic floor activation. So important for us pregnant women, but really for all women." ⁣