When your mind and your body are working together, great things can happen. Mobility MVMNT is a program to prepare your body for how capable you truly are.

We were not built for repetitive movements in the gym or to be sedentary for 18 hours a day.

MVMNT is a program that trains your nervous system, just as it trains your mind and body. Our unique movements and methods remind your body of what it was built for.

MVMNT Practice Pillars

Connected Body

Going beyond physical range-of-motion, MVMNT is designed for your whole body: your nervous system, breathing patterns, joints, and connective tissue.

Connected Life

Every MVMNT has a purpose and every sequence has an effect. How we move internally and externally impacts our performance in work, life and play.

Collected Knowledge

The MVMNT practice is built on the studies and principles of Kinesiology in the areas of exercise physiology, sports psychology, breathwork and yoga.

Daily Online Routines

All included in the MVMNT practice

Targeted Mobility

All included in the MVMNT practice

At Home Videos

All included in the MVMNT practice

Weightlifting Warm-Up

All included in the MVMNT practice

And so much more inside the app.

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What our members are saying

"I have noticed a significant improvement in how my body feels during training!"

Alison Scudds

CrossFit Games Regional Athlete

"As a chiropractor I recommend them to my patients all the time."


MVMNT Member

"After using MVMNT for a month, I've noticed that it is a lot easier to get deeper into my squat."


MVMNT Member

“Just want to say I’m loving your programming.”


MVMNT Member

"These are well though out flow patterns that create a better moving and feeling body!”


MVMNT Member

“I love this program! Super easy to follow and very relaxing.”


MVMNT Member

"This program helped reshape the way I think about lifting and movement."


MVMNT Member

"I can't believe it took me so long to get into daily practice, its my favourite time of day."


MVMNT Member

"Very easy to follow and not time consuming, yet effective!"


MVMNT Member

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Mobility MVMNT

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